A Complete Guide to Purchasing the Best Folding Bike Available

There is just a slight difference between the conventional bike and a folding bike. The only thing that makes the latter different from the first is already emphasized by its name. A folding bike, as the name implies, comes with a folding mechanism which allows for utmost convenience in either storage or transport. Considering that people try to make use of the available space at their disposal, a folding bike is certainly a good choice over a traditional bike.

In line with its popularity, there is a wide range of folding bikes that feature various frame designs, folding mechanisms, wheel sizes and gears. The right choice for you will depend on your cycling needs and profile.

Ride Type

The kind of riding that you do is the most valuable consideration. Do you make use of your bicycle for leisure or is it your regular transportation when going to work? Are you using it for hiking tours? If your purpose for using a folding bicycle is for regular transportation then it should be lightweight and comfortable. A mountain bike is specifically designed for off-road travel across the terrains.

Size of the Wheel

The next feature to take into account is the size of the wheels. It will determine how handy your bike would be including the ride comfort. The wheels can be in different measurements for the diameter. A folding bike with wheels measuring 14 and 16 inches are among those with smallest wheels intended for a leisure ride. If you are a mountaineer then go for a folding bike with 26-inch wheels.

Frame Design & Material

The concept of including a folding mechanism is to include functionality to the folding bicycle. The build and frame material have a say here. Steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber are the typically used build materials for a folding bike. Carbon fiber and titanium are lightweight yet they are quite pricey. Steel and aluminum are very sturdy but heavier with steel considered as the heaviest one. The design of the frame must not make the bike’s folding mechanism laid off.

Gears or Without Gears

Amateur cyclists may ask what difference the gears could make for the bike’s performance. They will let you modify the speed. They make maneuvering the terrains hard like the hilly areas easier.


A folding bike, whether it is on a non-folding or folding type requires regular maintenance for great performance. To keep your bike properly maintained, check out some tips and tricks at www.foldingbikezone. com/stowabike-20-folding-city- v2-compact-foldable-bike/.